Vindictive: A decade of PvP dominance

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Vindictive: A decade of PvP dominance

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Founded: November 12, 2005
Member count: 300+
Active games: ArcheAge, Guild Wars 2, League of Legends
Servers: Ollo (ArcheAge), Darkhaven (Guild Wars 2)
• Voice communication: Teamspeak 3
Age restriction: 18+

About Vindictive:

Vindictive was formed in City of Heroes back in 2005. The original leaders were a trio of officers from Ascent, a World of Warcraft guild on Medivh that scored the world's first Ragnaros kill. Disillusioned with the hardcore raiding scene, they wanted to to do something more casual, and City of Heroes was the most casual game of them all. Eventually, two of the officers returned to WoW, because they had low self-esteem and couldn't handle being called #casualfags by their hardcore ex-guildies.

That left Tryden to lead Vindictive by himself. Pissed off that his friends had abandoned him, he vowed to make Vindictive into the best PvP group in the game. He recruited some of the finest players known to man, including a gender-confused troll from New Mexico, some jailbait from Texas and a Vietnamese immigrant with attachment issues.

Within a year, Vindictive had become one of only two undefeated raid groups in City of Heroes. But before they could challenge the other group and crush them, the game developer disabled base raiding, because they hate PvPers and gave in to every whim of the vagina-adverse PvE community.

So Vindictive's leaders said fuck it and quit the game.

The group branched out from City of Heroes in 2008 and formed an RvR guild in Warhammer Online. Using the tactics learned in CoH base raiding, Vindictive made a bunch of 13-year-olds rage quit and delete their OP warrior priests. Vindictive was eventually considered the best RvR guild on Vortex.

In 2009, Vindictive entered Aion, where the legion was consistently ranked in the top-10 on Siel, but where 90% of Vindictive's degenerate players couldn't handle the Asian grind. Most ended up botting. Only some were banned, however — mostly players like Coldchylde, who opted for shitty bots and bought gold from shady websites. The rest of Vindictive got to swing their big dicks around as one of the best Abyss raiding guilds in the game.

In September 2012, Vindictive was established in Guild Wars 2, where it ran under the guild tag MEAN. And even though it broke everyone's heart, it was decided no botters were allowed. MEAN is now considered one of the best WvW guilds in silver league (formerly #kingsofbronze) and works hard to keep it that way. Mainly by swinging their big dicks around.

Now for the serious stuff ... What kind of players are we looking for?

All of us have lives: jobs to go to, anniversaries to celebrate, kids to take to school. We can’t all be on 12 hours a day. So, we’re looking for players who view video games as a place to log in and have fun.

At the same time, we understand no one’s going to enjoy themselves when they’re wiping in a dungeon or getting crushed in PvP over and over again. So while a laid back attitude is great, you should also be prepared to be serious and work hard when that’s needed.

What can we offer you?

A very social community with an irreverent attitude. You’ll find our forums are very active and that the people in this guild are not only gamers who happen to be playing the same game, but also friends.

In addition to a friendly, active community, we are also quick to help out new members, whether it’s getting gear, improving builds or getting better at PvP. If you’re looking to achieve something in one of the games we play, we’ll help you do it.

Quality versus quantity

Vindictive isn’t a zerg guild and we’re not aiming to make it one. We’ve tried the zerg approach in the past. But we find tighter-knit works better.

Vindictive also doesn’t spam recruit in-game to find our members and all players are interviewed before they join. It helps us make sure we’re getting like-minded people into the community.

Ready to join?

You can fill out an application to become a member by clicking on the "APPLY" tab in the navigation bar or by clicking here. You'll need to have a forum account first (click the "REGISTER" button at the top-right corner of the website). Once you post your app, it will go into the moderation queue, so don't panic when you don't see it right away.

Your subject for the application should be: Application from [Your forum name]

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