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Hello friends,

Today I was riding the subway, when a young man caught my eye. It wasn't the sweat pants that I noticed. Or the curly chin hairs that seemed to struggle to grow anywhere past his neck.

No, it was his Nintendo Switch.

"Hey cool, is that the new Zelda?" I asked.

"G-good and you?" he replied.

His undiagnosed Aspbergers suddenly sent a flood of nostalgia flowing through me. I remembered VIndictive, all my friends, the great times we had in critically acclaimed titles like Champions Online and Global Agenda.

I got off the subway and walked by myself down the street. The crisp autumn air and the beautiful cacophony of coloured leaves had me in a chipper mood. I fondly remembered things I hadn't thought about in a while: like when Ghost used to drive on a ranger, when Sigma turned around and killed me in DayZ after I spent hours getting him geared and how once Spine said I was ugly IRL and it really hurt my feelings.

"Man, being in Vindictive sucked," I whispered.

So, after my walk, here I am. Thinking about starting up our Steam gaming nights again. Thinking about creating a new guild in a new online community.

What do you say, guys? Should we do this one more time?

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