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View the latest post Where are you guys?

Come talk on our Discord! Sigma and I miss you!


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View the latest post Hey Pussies!

Hello MEAN boys and girls..... grrrrrr...... I'm graduating high school. Gimme ur money. Also, lets Play Guild Wars 2 again cause I'm tired of beating my dick and watching porn all day. #Willyslyisinfactnotdeadbuttheseforumsare

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View the latest post Anyone Out There?

Are we still alive? Miss you guys. Lost everything in the August 2016 floods down here in Louisiana. Finally got moved into the new house and getting my gaming rig setup again. Do we still have a TeamSpeak? I can't seem to connect. Anyway, I hope everyone is doing good. Look forward to catching up.

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View the latest post Ashes of Creation

New game, maybe good, looks cool.


Use my referral link pls! (apparently the referral links are broken, but feel free to try anyway lol)


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