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View the latest post FF14 Heavensward Expansion

If anyone has FF14 that isn't from Steam and wants the Heavensward expansion let me know.

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View the latest post Attachment(s) ESO free play weekend and sale

Just in-case peeps are on the fence, they are having a free play weekend this weekend for Elder Scrolls Online as well as selling the game for 10 dollars for a base edition and 30 dollars for the gold edition. gold edition includes 4 dlc's and if you own the game already crowns are on sale for really cheap.

Hit me up if anyone needs any help or anything ill be on for the most part the whole weekend.

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View the latest post ESO and vindictive discord

just a heads up, a few of us are starting to play eso, so if you wanna play just hit us up.(in game name is SigmaX on Ebonheart Pact)

ALSO we have a discord for vindictive since most are starting to use that over TeamSpeak, this is the perma link for it: 3jp2d8w

If you have the app just type that in and youll be good to go.

If the code doesn't work you can hit me up at @Sigma

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View the latest post Depressed

1, 2

I tried playing GW2 again.

I tried playing PvP but my Dagger ele isn't meta anymore.. In fact, it can't be used at all. It's been completely killed:(. My favorite play style, the thing that gave me joy... Dead

I tried playing WvW. I joined a pretty large group of people, [DUSK], and was raiding with 20 of them or so in Teamspeak.. Eventually I realized just how badly they sucked compared to our old [MEAN] group. They even had me running a build that made no sense to me.. I left the guild the next day.

I tried playing some dungeons.. But they don't give like any rewards at all and the game forces you to play the living story for rewards.

I also realized I had no friends to play with anymore and became very sad when I realized I'll probably never be a part of something like we had in GW2. I'll also never have the freedom to commit myself to a game or gaming community like I could back in our GW2 glory days.

Overall..... Sad day. xD

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View the latest post CUM PLAY PARAGON

want more peeps for me to yell at and call trash.....cum play with me senpai

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