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View the latest post POKEMON TCGO!

Anyone want to play with me :)?

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View the latest post Needed to get this off my chest

I needed a place to vent, and I hate doing it on my facebook and other social media for this kind of stuff. So a partially empty forum with people I actually care about is the perfect spot.

Just wanted to say thank you.

The past few years I went through (and still going through) a lot of shit. Getting academically dismissed from my university and breakup just to name the major things. So naturally I was going through a heavy depression isolated myself from a lot of people irl, and had a lot of suicidal tendencies to just end it all. But all you guys really helped out A LOT. Just playing GW2, to ...Archeage, BDO, LFD2, and the upcoming ESO have really helped me get over all the negative shit going on in my life. So a big thank you to all of you.

Besides this post you all don't need to worry. I'm not planning on hanging myself anytime soon. I picked myself up got a job again and doing volunteer work, then planning on trying again. I'm not asking for a bunch of attention, just asking to kee [...]

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View the latest post Attachment(s) ATTENTION!

This just in,


That is all.

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View the latest post Happy Valentines Day! <3

It's here guys.

A day we all either love or hate, to remind us we're loved, or that we're crushingly lonely and depressed.

Have no fear though!

Cause something else is here.

After ONE MONTH of waiting. ONE MONTH of sleepless nights.

It came.

Spoiler: Show
Straight from the Chinese production line of love, compassion, and toxic fumes (my eyes were literally watering after opening it).

My legendary Jeff Goldblum shower curtain has arrived.

Now of course I had to take pictures of this all time high moment of my life, so here they are below.



This is the face I make when I feel dead inside.

Happy Valentines Day guys!

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View the latest post HAPPY BIRTHDAY TRYDEN!

Since making your own birthday post would be lame.


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